Mulligans Flat Spring Bird Walk - 2 November 2014

Sunday, 2 November 2014 - 9:00am

Join the Mulligans Friends for our Spring Bird Walk

Canberra birdos John Brannan and Bill Graham will lead our walk in the Sanctuary, one of the  best birdwatching sites in the ACT.

Meet us at the Mulligans Flat Nature Reserve Car Park - Amy Ackman St Forde   

Start: 9.00am

Finish: approx 11.30 am 

Wear a hat and sturdy shoes and bring drinking water, a snack for morning tea and binoculars if you have them. You may wish to bring a picnic lunch to enjoy afterwards at the woolshed 

Planting to conserve Monaro birdlife

About 40 volunteers planted 1000 trees and shrubs at Bush Heritage Australia’s Scottsdale Reserve, north of Bredbo, on Sunday June 1, in the next stage of a six-year 300-hectare ‘Whole of Paddock Rehabilitation’project with Greening Australia.

The volunteers braved inclement weather to plant 20-hectare with yellow box and apple box eucalypts, drooping sheoaks for birds, a range
of acacias and other mid-storey shrubs.

The work will add to 100 hectares already restored in a bid to promote connectivity and enable birds and other animals to move around the landscape.

Please take a look at the recent article in the Monaro Post.

Landscape Links for Small Bush Birds (LL4SBB) Project update

Landscape Links for Small Bush Birds Project

The LL4SBB Project has received an enormous response, with over 80 people submitting an Expression of Interest. The selection process was difficult as many of the properties were ideal for our project. We have however, made a decision based on a series of additional criteria. The properties chosen allow the best outcomes for small bush birds in our region. In the end it came down to simple ‘communication’. Neighbours chatting with neighbours and deciding to submit combined applications.

In one instance, a property that alone did not meet the criteria (was too distant from remnant woodland), when joined to neighbouring properties, became suitable.  This property will now connect to remnant woodland across several neighbour’s land. This has allowed for a greater impact on the ground, with over a kilometre of linear, connective habitat opened up for small bush birds. Remnants of two threatened ecological communities in Taylor’s Creek - Grassy Box Gum Woodland and Snow Gum Woodland will now be connected by a series of ‘stepping stone’ exclosures, for small bush birds.

Due to the popularity of the project, and large number of suitable sites remaining on file, we anticipate and eagerly look forward to applying for future funding along the same theme.

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