ACT Legume and soil sampling workshop

25 May 2018 - 9:00am

Are your pasture legumes, such as clovers and medics, fixing nitrogen? Have we been overestimating how well pasture legumes in grazing systems are performing? Recent studies of legume nodulation in NSW grazing pastures found 90 per cent of legumes had inadequate nodulation and more than 20 per cent had no nodules at all. So, what about the ACT, how are our pasture legumes performing?

To answer this questions, ACT NRM and PCS embarked on a program to sample pasture legumes (clovers)  from 17 properties in the ACT. Legumes were dug up, roots washed, nodules counted, soil samples collected and producer’s surveys were completed. Data and samples were sent to various labs and the results are in!

Dr Susan Orgill and Dr Belinda Hackney, leading experts in soils, agronomy and pastures have been poring over the data and are ready to share their findings. Susan and Belinda will talk about:

•the results of testing on ACT farms,
•why legumes, such as clover, are so important in pastures,
•how to manage for legume persistence and nodulation in permanent pastures (so those clovers keep on pumping nitrogen into your soils!),
•how to manage any soil or legume problems they identified in our ACT soils.

A BBQ lunch will be provided and workshop participants are encouraged to stick around and have a chat with Susan and Belinda 

All welcome! Whether you participated in the project or not, please feel free to come along and find out about the results of this project.