The River Paddock Field Day- Cooma area

23 Feb 2015 - 10:00am

Landholders will have the opportunity to discuss ways that they can get the most out of their River Paddocks for production, biodiversity and water quality at the upcoming River Paddock Field Day.   Topics of discussion include maximising groundcover, managing nutrients, effective floodplain cropping, smart weed management, maximising livestock health and preventing soil erosion. 

The field day, which is being run jointly by South East LLS and Cooma Waterwatch, will be held in an actual ‘River Paddock’, which gives the added benefit of considering issues in the context of an actual site.  Those attending will be able to talk through production issues with Luke Pope (our local South East LLS agronomist) as well as get a close-up look at what biodiversity exists there.

The field day is a half day event and will be repeated in three locations- Cooma (23rd Feb), Bredbo (24th Feb) and Dalgety (28th Feb).  The Bredbo Field Day will be run in conjunction with Bredbo Landcare at the site of the proposed Bredbo River Wattle Park/Drive project.  The Dalgety Field Day will showcase the Snowy River ‘Weaving the Web’ Biodiversity project which is working to rehabilitate the Snowy River corridor to increase landscape connectivity and ecosystem resilience in the Snowy-Monaro region.

If you would like to attend the field day, please contact South East LLS (64521455) or email and nominate which day you would like to attend.  RSVP by Friday 20th Feb for catering purposes. 

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