UMDR Angler Diary program


We are asking local anglers to keep records of their fishing catches in order to gain a better understanding of fish in our catchment.  Our focus is on European Carp but being an initiative that aims to support native fish recovery, we are interested in any native fish catches as well. 

By collecting information such as location, fishing method, time spent fishing and what is caught we will be able tp get a better idea of what fish are where, population sizes and whether this might be changing over time.  By recording carp catches we can see where the  higher numbers of carp are, which is important for future control programs and is the focus of our UMDR Carp Research Project. 

Diary information will be collected and copied periodically (you will get to keep your diary).  Information from the diaries will not be associated with any personal information.  Being a community intiative we are not involved in enforcing regulations/licensing associated with fishing activity, however we do ask that all anglers taking part in the program comply with relevant regulations and licensing in their area as well as practise the use safe and responsible fishing practices.  

If you would like to take part in the program, please contact Antia. If nothing else, it could just be your best excuse to keep doing what you love best as you counter any comments about your fishy activities with "Im going out to do research!"