Native Fish Strategy

The abundance and distribution of native fish species in the Murray-Darling Basin has declined through loss of habitat, predation and competition by alien fish, exploitation, and disease ‑ in 2004, native fish population levels were only 10% of those prior to European settlement. The 2004 Native Fish Strategy aims to restore native fish communities to 50% of their pre-European-settlement levels by 2054, and to ensure sustainable fish populations and communities exist throughout the Murray-Darling Basin. The strategy provides general financial and research guidance; as well as on-ground, and community education and awareness programs. Actions arising from the strategy are helping to:

  • rehabilitate and protect fish habitat and native fish species;
  • manage riverine structures;
  • control alien fish species;
  • manage fish translocation and stocking; and
  • engage the community.

Further information on the development and initial implementation of the Native Fish Strategy can be found at