Get involved

The Upper 'Bidgee Reach is an important regional asset which belongs to everyone, especially the community.  You can be involved in the Upper 'Bidgee Reach by:

  • Going fishing!!!  If you regularly fish in any lakes, dams,creeks or streams of the upper Murrumbidgee catchment, take part in our angler diary program
  • Being an adventurous volunteer!  Do you have paddle experience and want to explore some stunning parts of the 'bidgee while helping to protect our fabulous river?  Join our adventurous volunteer program to help control instream willows on the 'bidgee.
  • Tree planting-  Help restore riparian areas by taking part in community planting days in the Bumbalong valley as part of our Rivers of Carbon project.
  • Waterwatch sampling- Help to monitor river health by sampling water quality, water bugs or doing riparian surveys.
  • Joining our mailing list- email the UMDR facilitator to subscribe
  • Liking us and telling others-  If you like what we are doing tell others about the Upper 'Bidgee Reach and encourage them to join in.

If you would like to take part in any of the activities above, please contact Antia, the UMDR Facilitator on 0429 778 633 or via email at