Cooma Monaro Carp Comp

2016 Cooma Monaro Carp Comp- Regos now open!

The 2016 Cooma Monaro Carp Comp will run from the 19th Nov to the 17th Dec.  Presentation and sausage sizzle will be held at the Alpine Hotel, Cooma on the 18th Dec, starting at 2pm.  

Prizes up for grabs for longest carp caught.  Carp are entered via photo sent by text to 0429 778 633 or email to 

For competition details please download the Competition Info & Rules.                                                  Download the 2016 Cooma Monaro Carp Comp Registration form here.                                                    

For further info please contact Kathleen (0407 085 943) or Antia (0429 778 633).

Fishing area

The competition area is the upper Murrumbidgee River and its tributaries south of the ACT border.  See map here.

A big thankyou to our 2016 competition sponsors

  • Alpine Hotel
  • Snowy Mountains Gourmet Foods
  • Cooma Waterwatch 

We welcome additional sponsors to contribute to our competition prize pool. 

Why a carp comp?

Carp are a major pest fish in the Upper Murrumbidgee catchment.  Carp thrive in degraded river habitats, create further habitat disturbance and compete with our native fish species.  Carp breed as the water warms up in spring and summer.  Carp numbers can increase rapidly each season.  A mature female carp can release up to 0.5million eggs for every kilo of body weight.  By fishing in early summer, we can take large breeding fish out of the system. By recording fishing sessions via an Angler diary, we can also gain information about where there are carp hot-spots to help us better target our fight against carp in the future.

Results of the 2015 Cooma Monaro Carp Comp

The competition ran from the 13th Nov to the 13th Dec, 2015.  A total of 345 fish were caught over the competition period, none of which were tagged.  Total length of all fish caught (end to end) was 16,358cm.  Bredbo Fishing Club members caught the most carp between them.  70 competitors entered the competition.  

The largest carp caught was 74cm long, the smallest carp was 3cm long!  The majority of carp caught were above 40cm long.  Special note goes to Noah Shubert who caught his first fish ever- a 44cm carp.  The fishing club trophy for the club member who caught the largest carp went to Wayne Dietrich of the Alpine Hotel Anglers Club.

MattFabro with the largest carp caught.  Smallest carp caught.                                      

The prize categories slightly, adding an adult and junior category for the mirror carp.  The winners of the 2015 Cooma Monaro Carp Comp are:

Adult (longest fish) 1st- Matt Fabro (74cm), 2nd- Wayne Dietrich (70cm), 3rd- Tony Johnson (65.5cm)

Junior (longest fish) 1st- Joshua Sharkey (62cm), 2nd- Jasin Travis Kelly (58.5cm), 3rd- natalie Jones (58cm)

Mirror carp (longest) Adult- Tony Johnson (54cm)  Junior- Fletcher Jones (43cm)

Mystery length- Pete Lawlis (45cm)

Winners of the 2015 Cooma Monaro Carp Comp Left: Winners of the 2015 Cooma Monaro Carp Comp

Thankyou to our 2015 Corporate Sponsors

  • The Alpine Angler
  • Crank It Up Banner Lifting Systems
  • EW&N Dietrich
  • Mainstreet Clothing
  • Cooma Cleaning Supplies
  • Snowy Mountains Gourmet Foods
  • The Alpine Hotel
  • Bush Heritage Australia
  • The Bredbo Inn Hotel
  • BCF